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Project Management Services

Our Asset Recovery experts are here to assist you with maximizing recovery on every asset within your facility. We can help manage the entire process and provide best practices to mitigate potential risks.

Sell Your Assets

Sell all your assets and equipment on one easy to use marketplace. Our dedicated Buyer Marketing team will create a customize campaign just for your Sale Event(s) to attract the right buyers and enable a quick and seamless process to recover value from your assets.

We Know the Challenges You Face. And We Can Help.

Recover Maximum Value from Assets

Organizations face immense pressure to ensure they retain as much value as possible from all the assets at the facility.  When you sell your assets on the Aucto Marketplace, there are no commissions or listing fees and you keep 100% of the selling price from your sale.

Ensure Health and Safety Regulations are Met

Decommissioning an entire facility is a lot of work, the last thing you want to deal with is a health and safety or environmental policy violation. Our team ensures that the right protocols are being followed, from equipment inspection to rigging. The health and safely of everyone involved, including employees, third party vendors and ultimately buyers are our top priority, and we ensure anyone on site remains safe and in compliance with even the strictest policies.

Limited Internal Resources

Managing a facility closure can be extremely labor intensive and time-consuming, which can take you away from other priorities within your organization. Aucto can provide you with a full team of experts to manage the entire project from project plan creation, asset cataloging, to managing inspections, all the way through to the end of the sale and removal allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

Meet Critical Timelines

Facility closures often operate within a tight timeline. You must ensure all equipment is removed and everything is cleaned up by a certain date. Aucto’s dedicated project manager will help coordinate and monitor milestones to keep the project running smoothly to meet that final deadline.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Download our latest eBook – ‘How to Manage Your Assets in a Facility Closure from Start to Finish’ to help start your project today.

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Andrew Forin
Inside Sales
Rick Schotts

My firm has used Aucto to host more than 30 auctions over the past couple of years and we’ve consistently had 80% of our items sold. Before switching to Aucto, I used several other auction platforms, but all the different platforms were lacking one thing that Aucto is superb at, which is customer service!
They do a great job marketing my sales to attract the right buyers and have even written press releases for some of my larger past sales! The people I have dealt with at Aucto care and do what is best to help their clients’ succeed. Thank you to Aucto’s Seller Support Team.

Rick Schotts
Owner - RAAR Group USA Inc
Martha Morris

I’ve been really impressed with the Aucto platform and how its been able to help me easily manage and sell my surplus assets. It’s extremely intuitive and user friendly and anytime I’ve needed help, their Support team is knowledgeable and always available. Once my Sales Events are completed, the follow up documentation comes in a very timely manner and I am provided with everything I need to document the transactions for our compliance and audit purposes. If I ever need to communicate with Buyers to work out last minute details, I can quickly go on the platform and get in touch with them without any hassles. We are happy to use Aucto to help us manage and sell all our surplus assets. This is a great platform for any organization who is looking for a solution to help with their asset recovery strategies.

Martha Morris
Category Lead - Indirect Sourcing
Kevin Verburg

We have been selling on Aucto since 2019 and have been very happy with the platform. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes setting up new auctions simple. To date, we’ve held over 20 sales on Aucto and have sold close to 99% of our items within the Marketplace. We have been very satisfied with Aucto and our end results.
The Aucto sales team is excellent, always responds quickly, and goes above and beyond to help. They truly do their best to help your sales be successful. The Aucto team is all very professional and knowledgeable and have been a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Verburg
Director, Asset and Technical Procurement - Gategroup
Jacqueline Stoltz

Gate Gourmet decided to use the Aucto platform to sell a unique food separator unit. Gate Gourmet Procurement knew it was going to take a bit of time to find the right buyer for this asset. To our delight, the entire process to onboard was seamless and easy and the Aucto team worked hard to promote our sale to bring in the right buyers. I felt like I had support from Aucto every step of the way.
The equipment sold in about 3 weeks, which was quicker than anticipated. Gate Gourmet negotiated with the buyer even after the tender closed and received a fair price for the item. The food separator shipped in about a week and Gate Gourmet collected our funds without any issues. I would definitely use Aucto to sell our surplus assets again and would highly recommend this platform for anyone looking to find the right buyer and the right price for their assets

Jacqueline Stoltz
Sales Representative

We just completed our first Sale Event with Aucto and are very pleased with the results. Aucto helped us attract close to 2,000 views for our sale through their customized marketing campaigns and we were able to sell ALL 250+ items in only 17 days! Without the Aucto platform, these items would have probably ended up in a junkyard or a landfill so it’s been great to ensure we are also meeting our sustainability objectives while adding back to our bottom line.
From the sign-up process to receiving the funds from the sale, everything was so quick and super simple. We are looking forward to holding future sales on the Aucto platform and are exploring how Aucto can help with all our asset management requirements. Thank you, Aucto Team!

Harris Mohammed
Process- Methods Engineering - Valeo
Andy Lai
Director of Engineering
Bill Kellinger
Sales Director, Utilities
Brian Uller
Sales Director, Automotive
Clayton Arnold
Marketing Manager
Ellen Taylor
VP Sales & Support - Americas
Ernest Villa
Senior Full Stack Developer
Fiona Chan
Director of Marketing
Jamil Rahman
Founder & CEO
Jason Lee
Engineering Manager
Javier Martinez
Solution Consultant
Jeffrey Kryzanowski
Sales Director, Enterprise
Katelyn Harrington
Lead UX Designer
Leo Xia
Senior Full Stack Developer
Lue Sun
Omer Hassan
Senior Solution Consultant
Ravinder Marwaha
Team Lead - Senior Solution Consultant
Vanessa Ortiz
Head of People
Deborah Scleicher
Jack Greco
Chris Nguyen