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Our Solutions

Sell Your Assets on the
Aucto Marketplace

Sell your used and surplus industrial equipment quickly and efficiently to buyers from all over the world. There is no risk and no cost to sell on our Marketplace, and you could set up your Sales Event in just a few minutes. Our customized marketing programs ensure your Sale Event will attract the right buyers to ensure you get the highest net recovery possible.

Manage Your
Assets on ORCA

Get complete transparency on all your assets within your organization with our ORCA platform. Our comprehensive asset management solution enables you to get and act on real-time insights across your entire organization’s assets. You can quickly and easily determine what assets are critical to your operations versus what is surplus so that you can make better business decisions.

Price Your Assets with the
Aucto Asset Pricing Calculator

If you’re thinking about selling your assets but you’re unsure of how much they could be worth, the Aucto Asset Pricing Calculator can provide you with an estimated average of what your asset could be worth on the market today. Search for equipment individually, by category or brand, or upload your inventory list to get better data on what the return on your surplus assets could look like.

Recover Value From Assets
in Facility Closures

Our team of experts has decades of experience helping organizations manage the entire end-to-end process of recovering value from assets during a facility closure. Our solutions are designed to be seamless and easy, allowing you to focus on other critical priorities in the project while receiving the best possible return on your assets.

Additional Services

Our customers are our number one priority, and we want to ensure they feel supported 100% of the way. Our solutions are designed to be simple and easy to use and allow organizations to manage the asset recovery process on their own. However, we recognize not all organizations have the time or capacity to do this. So we offer turnkey services that provide both the manpower and expertise needed to maximize the value of your assets. Whether you need our cataloging services or help managing your asset recovery efforts, Aucto can help.