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Why Your Organization Will Love Using Aucto

Asset recovery can be easy and effortless, while helping you improve your bottom line and reach sustainability goals. The Aucto platform helps create, manage and report on your entire asset recovery strategy, all in one place. The process becomes simplified and part of your organization’s ongoing supply chain strategy instead of a reactive problem that needs to be solved throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Low Risk

Manage your assets any way you want in Aucto’s secure online platform and connect with verified buyers if you decide to sell these assets.

Low Cost

We deliver one of the highest net recovery rates in the industry and offer options that allow you to easily scale as your usage and organization grows.

Low Maintenance

Get visibility into your organization’s full list of assets by managing the entire asset recovery process in Aucto’s robust and easy to use platform.

Top Sellers

What Makes Aucto Different

Control & Transparency

Gain visibility into every aspect of your asset recovery process
  • Upload, catalog and track your assets all in one place

  • Choose to redeploy any asset within your organization at anytime

  • Create customized Sales Events and Terms of Sale to sell any asset

  • Define who you want to sell your assets to in our network of verified buyers

  • View how much buyers are willing to pay for your assets in real time

Recovery Rate

Get one of the highest rates of return in the industry
  • Gain access to qualified and motivated buyers globally

  • Sell your assets within an average of 17 days

  • Get 100% of the asset sold price in your pocket


Access a team of Consultants, ready and available to help you, at any time
  • Detailed guides on how to best manage your assets within the platform

  • Best practices on Sale Event set up and how to get the highest value for your assets

  • Dedicated Buyer Marketing team to help create customized campaigns to attract the right buyers


Robust all-in-one platform to help manage your entire asset recovery strategy
  • Flexible workflows enable you to choose and track where you want your assets to go

  • Comprehensive user preference settings allows you to have control and maintain collaboration between colleagues

  • Integrated sales order and payments tools to show all your sales details in one place

  • Powerful reporting and analytics capabilities provides audit ready data

Transform your asset recovery challenges into a proactive and ongoing strategy

Enable a streamlined asset recovery process

Build a more sustainable supply chain

Ensure compliance mandates are met

Generate revenue to improve your bottom line

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